Sunday, August 26, 2007

The craziness begins

So this will be my last post for awhile. I am shipping my computer off tomorrow so that it has a head start on me going to Connecticut. I leave for Conn. on Wed. Only 12 days until the wedding!!! I have so much left to do it is a bit overwhelming. I will try and post before the wedding and I'll try to once we are on our honeymoon. Hopefully we will be able to hit an internet cafe to do some updates. Although if you are watching the news, half of Greece is chard right now so hopefully that will work out ok. Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Love to knit

Today was another knitting brunch with my knitting friends. Leah, Robert and Oliver didn't come because Robert wasn't feeling well. But Erica, Penny and I got a lot done on our respective projects. I worked on a little craft project for the wedding and did some knitting. Erica worked on her epic quilt for her sister and Penny scrapbooked. We were wondering Ann, whether you are still scrapbooking since you took up knitting. I bet you still were, Erica and Penny had their doubts.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

no news is good news

so everything is going along smoothly for the moment. my aunt connie has decided to come to conn. for the wedding which makes me super happy. flying is not her favorite thing but i'm glad she took a dose of braveness!

all for now!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Use it or lose it

So today I helped my friend Chris shoot a wedding up here in phx. It has been a month since I even picked up my camera and I felt very out of sorts. I was technically off all day in my exposures and shooting rhythm. I have to find a way to really work my camera back into my daily life. I haven't wanted to shoot a single frame of my father during all of this, mostly because I don't want to remember a single moment of this summer down the road. Actually that isn't true. The time I've spent with my friend Deb and her family as well as Erica has been truly wonderful. Plus the time with my aunt has been a blessing for both of us. She hasn't had anyone to really go shopping or out to lunch with since my mom died. She and I went to the mall on Thursday and it was really lovely. I've also gotten to reconnect with my friend Kathi from high school which has been great. I'm hoping to start this architectural project next week for a local firm so maybe that will be a bit rewarding.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A little bit of lightness

So I feel a bit lighter these days since the new caregivers have arrived. Dad likes both women and they seem to be catching on really quickly to his likes and dislikes not to mention the fact that he isn't putting them through the wringer. The last guy he didn't like so he made his life a living hell. I've spent the last two days shopping and i LOVED it. Therefore the lightness.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Come and go

So the first care giver has left the building. His name was Ray and was pretty much a dud. Dad didn't really care for him and berated him every moment he could. I was willing to let him stay a week before I said anything to the organization because dad is pretty demanding and I didn't know how on the ball these people were supposed to be. The gal they sent over the weekend was even worse but she was only a temporary so I didn't get too up in arms about her. I think she said two words to my dad and he was instantly hating her as well. Not to mention she had no skills in the kitchen and I should have been paid for her shift since I did all the work. Ray came back on Monday and it was equally as tense. Then he just didn't show up yesterday morning. The company is hugely embarrassed to the point where they are calling me almost every hour apologizing and making sure I'm satisfied. Honestly it is getting to the point where they are making it worse by tripping over themselves.

They sent a new woman today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because she is very nice, in her 50's and knows how to cook and grow things outside. We shall see about the evening gal. It is a different person so not sure what that will be like. I would say that will be the more difficult of the two shifts.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Hot cats!

Jason and I took a stab at swing dancing while he was here. It was a beautiful night and I only got stepped on once! Thought we looked pretty hip so it deserved its own post. Jason was here for a week and it went by so fast. Dropped him off at the airport this morning for a flight to Providence via Chicago for another race in Connecticut and Long Island over the weekend. It meant so much to me to have him here this week. Only 36 days until the wedding!!!

Photos! Photos!

Here are photos from my birthday bash at Chase Field/BOB where the DBacks beat the Braves. Jason and I were joined by Deb, David, Kayla and Jacob as well as our friends Erica and Casey. It was a great day.
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