Tuesday, March 28, 2006

peas and lettuce

so spring has sprung here. i raked out my garden beds this weekend and built up my planting mounds. i'm trying to make my garden a bit more organized this year. last year i lost track of what i planted where and didn't really know until they got rolling what was what. i also planted my peas last year really late mostly because i had no idea you were supposed to get them in around st. patrick's day. who knew? they did grow last year but not very much. lettuce will be a new experiment this year. i think i am supposed to cover the lettuce beds but not sure yet. it hasn't been freezing at night lately so hopefully i'll be ok.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

nothing new or exciting maybe manilow

so i wish i had something riveting to put here but i don't. i finished my photo galleries for my new website. hopefully my web chica will have it up and running soon. i'll post a new link when it is running. my friend jacqueline's bridal shower was on sunday. it was most lovely.

ok so i'm not usually a watcher of american idol. i usually find ryan seacrest painful, but i just finished watching 'bones' and it is on after that. barry manilow is singing right now and you know he is kind of scary looking these days. his skin has no creases. i can't decide if it is just a face lift or if there has been some significant pealing involved as well. not to mention makeup. he also looks more like martin short's "jimny glick" character minus the fat than himself. weird. what people do to make themselves glam. what, old housewives wouldn't still swoon over mr. manilow if he had a wrinkle or two?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Eat, drink and be merry!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

alright already!

ok so i've been getting harasssed that i haven't posted anything new on my blog for awhile. SORRY! i've been crazed. i went to a national press photographers assoc. northern short course for 3 days. it was totally crazy but really awesome. i'm fired up again about photo which i totally needed. i haven't had any professional development since i went to this course four years ago. the kind of sad thing is that the last time i went to this, most of the classes involved issues that came up in newsrooms, ie. ethics, lighting, digital work flow. but this time most of the classes were how to be a freelancer, build your own business and there was even a "losing your job" seminar. one of the lecturers gave a statistic that the ny times spends on average $700 per day on their staff photographers with ins., salary, travel, etc. they pay their freelancers $150 per day. he said that when more papers figure out the immense savings behind hiring freelancers over staffers our jobs are toast. yippee. anyway i learned a lot and got to mingle with many very cool photogs. i think i only got 7 hours of sleep during the whole 3 days.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Facial Fabulous

all i have to say is that if you ever get the chance to have a facial, i highly recommend. deb and i went to camelback inn on sat. and had glorious facials. we also layed by the pool, drank cocktails and took in a little sun. i swear i look at least 5 years younger. even jason said he could tell the difference. although he didn't saying anything about specific years :O)

i'd write more but i have a ton of stuff to do. i just got home from phx and now i have to pack tonight to leave for cherry hill, n.j. tomorrow after my shift. there is a national press photographers assoc. conference that i'm going to until sat. busy, busy, busy!

i'll update more about my trip soon!
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